Accommodation and Hospitality Services

Living in Belgrade - Where to stay?

If you decide to rent an apartment in Belgrade, it will cost you the same as about anywhere else in Europe, if you chose an apartment in the suburbs. However, it might take you between 40 minutes and one hour to reach the Faculty premises. If you choose to rent an apartment in the center, prices are a little higher, but you will enjoy the vibrant life Belgrade has to offer. There are 11 student residencies in Belgrade, including Studentski Grad, which, in addition to dormitories and a restaurant, has two libraries, a cinema and a theater building, conference halls and an open stage for summer concerts. Student residencies are vibrant places, where you can live, eat, study and meet new friends and colleagues. Accommodation in student dormitories is possible, the price ranges from 90 to 110 Euros per month. Please note that there is a selection process involved. Application forms will be available in November. If you want to feel the true spirit of student life in Belgrade, come and live in one of the many student dormitories!


  1. Studentski grad - Аddress:143 Tošin Bunar, 11070 New Belgrade; Phone:+381 11 2699 302
  2. Slobodan Penezić - Аddress:Ban Ivaniš bb, 11000 Belgrade; Phone:+381 11 412 638
  3. Kralj Aleksandar I - Аddress:75 Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard, 11000 Belgrade; Phone:+381 11 401 800
  4. Patris Lumumba - Аddress:1 Dragice Pravice Street, 11000 Belgrade; Phone:+381 11 751 977
  5. 4. April - Аddress:320 Vojvode Stepe, 11000 Belgrade; Phone:+381 11 3976 307
  6. Karaburma - Аddress:7b Mije Kovačevića, 11000 Belgrade; Phone:+381 11 750 962
  7. Košutnjak - Аddress:156 Blagoja Parovića Street, 11000 Belgrade; Phone:+381 11 3559 747
  8. Rifat Burdžević - Аddress:77 Milana Rakića, 11000 Belgrade; Phone:+381 11 2413 435
  9. Vera Blagojević I - Аddress:48 Kraljice Marije Street, 11000 Belgrade; Phone:+381 11 324 6663
    Vera Blagojević II - Аddress:37 Dalmatinska, 11000 Belgrade; Phone:+381 11 759 943
  10. Žarko Marinović - Аddress:254 Cara Dušana, 11080 Zemun; Phone:+381 11 618 003
  11. Mika Mitrović - Аddress:33 Kralja Vladimira, 11000 Belgrade; Phone: +381 11 3970 283

When do students apply for dormitory accomodation?

Please refer to our students councelor for all details, from September 1st your year of entry:
Tel: +381.11. (33-70-350; 33-70-339; 33-02-251; 33-02-254)

Does student room have internet connection?

There are LAN and WiFi connections in many residences but in some of them you will have to use 3g to connect to the Internet.

What about welfare and security?

Resident managers work in each complex and are available to give advice and guidance to all residents. They help foster a good living environment with special regard to student welfare, discipline and safety, as well as organising lots of social activities! The Security Office is also open 24 hours for the benefit of all students.

Can Faculty offer students family accommodation?

Family accommodation in Belgrade can be expensive and it is strongly recommended that students with families do not bring their spouses and/or children to Belgrade until they have found suitable accommodation. The Student Accommodation Office will always do its best to provide new students with temporary single accommodation while they seek family housing.

How student seek private accommodation if he does not want to live in University residence?

An information and advice service is provided for students who may prefer to live in private accommodation. Please contact us for self-catering lodgings, bed-sits, flats and houses, which are available to rent in the private sector and we can help and advise on tenancy agreements and housing contracts. You can expect to pay minimum approximately 100 euros per month for a room in a shared flat; heating, electricity, gas and telephone bills will be in addition.

Medical Assistance for Foreign Students

The medical care system in Serbia is public, but there are also private clinics offering medical care. European Social Security Card is not accepted in Serbia, however, Serbia signed agreements that regulate social security with following countries: Denmark, Sweden, Czech, Bulgaria, Austria, Luxemburg, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Croatia. Students from other countries can have medical assistance primarily at students’ health clinic, STUDENTSKA POLIKLINIKA – STUDENTS, POLICLINIC (near Nikola Tesla museum), Krunska 57 street, tel. 2430-814,, as well as in other public and private institutions.