Financial Information

Tuition Fees

The costs of students’ academic education at Faculty are covered with tuition fees. They include core teaching costs and registration. Books, supplementary examinations and re-examination fees, and field trips are not included. If we offer the student a place, we will decide whether they qualify as a Serbian (citizens of some countries do qualify) or international student for fees purposes. We will then be in a position to give them more detailed information on the costs of programme of study. The following provides the basic information you need.

Serbian and Bi-Lateral Students

Serbian students who do not qualify themselves as a govermentally financed pay tuition. Tuition fee will be approx. €1,000 per year. A similar fee is payable in each subsequent year of full-time study. The Government will determine the percentage increase which will apply. If students live in Serbia or they are Bi-Lateral students, they do not have to pay this fee up-front at registration; it is possible to pay it in several installments.

International Students

The fee for undergraduate students is approx €3,000. It is likely that this fee will increase each year. We want to make sure that students studies are not unnecessarily disrupted, and may therefore ask them for advance written evidence that they, their family or sponsor can pay the tuition fees. Students must ensure that they have sufficient resources to cover tuition as well as living expenses before they accept any offer we make to them.

Living Expenses

How much people spend as a student will be, to some extent, up to them and will also be affected by what they study and for how long. For a 38 week (approx 10 months) period, an undergraduate should think in terms of the following rough guide based on 2013/14 costs:

Rent room in University of Belgrade residence €1,000
Food at (€200 per month) €2,000
Personal Toiletries €50
Laundry & Housekeeping €90
Clothes €270
Travel (local and outside Belgrade e.g. home) €775
Leisure/Social/Sport at (€25 per month) €250
Telephone (landline & mobile) €270
Contingencies (unexpected bills) €90
Contents Insurance (€3,000 belongings & €1,000 laptop) €105
Books, materials, photocopying & equipment €300
TOTAL: €5,200