Why choose Mechanical Engineering?

Just look around you. How much of what you see has been manufactured? Engineers are involved in the design and manufacture of everything, from cars to airplanes. Many recent medical advances have been made as a result of work done by engineers: from brain scanners to the drug dispensers used by asthma sufferers. If you want to be an informed member of society, able to understand modern technology as well as the infrastructure on which our society is built, then there can be no better training than that given to mechanical engineers at University of Belgrade. Graduates of the Faculty have benefited from education that enables them to make a real difference to the world outside while, at the same time, pursuing successful and rewarding careers.

Since its start as an independent faculty, in the past period 1948-2005, at UB-FME the system of studies was: integrated 5 years for Dipl.-Ing., additional two years of study for Mgr (old MSc) and just research and thesis defense for PhD. Studies were in Serbian, while for PhD - English was also preformed. In such a system, 260 international students from 26 foreign countries received the Dipl. Ing. degree, 46 got the Mgr degree and 26 defended PhD theses.

Since 2005 up to date, the system of studies on UB-FME is: 3 years for BSc, 2 years for MSc (Dipl.-Ing.) and studies of 3 years for PhD (in fact old studies for Mgr plus research and PhD defense). In such a system, besides studies in Serbian, the UB-FME organizes studies in English on all levels.

Before you apply

You, your family and friends are welcome to visit the Faculty. Our international admission officer will provide the ideal opportunity not only to go round the building but also to meet the academic staff. You will have the opportunity to:

  1. Go round our buildings;
  2. Visit academic departments;
  3. Talk to students, lecturers and admissions staff;
  4. View accommodation;
  5. Try out our catering and enjoy in students’ bar;
  6. Find out how to apply;
  7. Listen to talks on academic subjects, money matters and all aspects of stu-
  8. dent life.

If you would like to come, please contact us by phone (+381-11-33-70-350) or email ( and we will arange the visit.

After you apply

If the department you have applied to offers you a place or an interview (for postgraduate students only), they may invite you to a departmental open day door where you will have the opportunity to meet students and staff and attend specific talks and tours.

Our programmes

To find out more about our programmes, please contact the head of department of your interest listed in the departmental entries.

Your qualifications

If you have any questions on suitability of your qualifications for a particular programme, please contact our admissions officer listed in the relevant factfile.

The academic year is divided into two semesters; each semester consists of a teaching period followed by exams. The year begins in October and ends in June, with the usual Christmas, Easter and Summer vacations. There is an additional examination period in September.