General Entry Requirements for a Bachelor's degree

1. secondary school-leaving certificate (also known as High School Diploma, Matura, A Levels, Bachillerato, Atestat, baccalauréat)

2. Proof that student have passed the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering entrance examination

3. Serbian: Bachelor’s degree courses are only thought in Serbian, and students are required to prove that they have an adequate knowledge of Serbian. Students can do this by taking Serbian language proficiency tests (please contact our admission department for additional information on Serbian language preparatory courses).

Bachelor Studies - ECTS-180

In Diploma certificate of B.Sc. studies, the title: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. from the Latin Baccalaureus Scientiæ) in Mechanical Engineering – three year studies will be stated.

A Diploma Supplement will contain a list of courses the student has attended and passed exams in, and possibly the name of a specialization area when student has earned it by choosing a prescribed group of courses.
A student may or may not have a certain specialization area.
Abbreviations: B.Sc.ME or BSc ME.