Engineering of Biotechnical Systems

Agricultural Engineering task is to apply technological tools to increase the agricultural production and effiency, improve product quality of the improvement. These problems will be even greater concern in the future. Courses unify the learned concepts into a practical ability to solve a broad range of engineering problems encountered in agriculture, biotehnology and food processing. The main concept of education, research and direction of this department development is precision farming which concerns modern technologies, such as computer design and construction, computer simulation, control and navigation, GPS and DGPS tehnologies, CAN bus systems, etc.

Engineering of Biotechnical Systems module educates highly qualified engineers capable of designing, constructing, researching mainteneance of agriculture machines, facilities and equipment. That is conducted throught bachelor, master and PhD studies. Diploma work refers to the actual problems of agricultural machineries, primarily projects essary for producers and users of agricultural machines and equipment. Graduates have a variety of career options, depending on their area of specialization. Employers include government agencies, civil engineering firms, food companies, machinery companies, and many other. Most of our students are offered positions immediately upon graduation.