Industrial Engineering

Today, industrial engineers are employed in all types of industry to design, improve and install systems using the methods and procedures of man, machine and materials. Mostly, they are concerned with production, although the analytical fact finding approach used today is applicable to almost any business or service enterprise.

The department curriculum is programmed to provide students with the skills required by modern industrial engineers, including analysis of product design to determine the optimum manufacturing process, selection of equipment and design of layout, design and installation of systems for controlling production, inventory, quality or cost, job design and methods improvement, design of material handling systems, manpower utilization and work measurement and operations research. In addition to disciplinary content, the Department also encourages students to attain expertise in the use of modern information technologies and take part in professional and extracurricular activities. As a result, our students are able to stand out in many international contests and activities. Altogether, the goal of this department is to produce efficient industrial engineers with a high rate of technical ability, including practical as well as theoretical knowledge, in order to attain secure and responsible positions in competitive arena of industrial and service enterprise.