Information Technologies

Rapid dissemination of digital technologies has been accompanied by the development of high-performance intelligent machines, such as next generation mobile devices, hybryd cars and robots. These products and services are made possible by the integration of various technologies through digital technology. In response to current trends, the study module of Information Technologies (MIT) produces engineers who can utilize advanced equipment and information technology in a broad range of fields from product development to the construction of intelligent information services.

MIT produces human resources and technology that will integrate mechanical engineering, the foundation of design and manufacturing, with information engineering. This in turn is supposed to have a major impact on society. MIT off erseducational programmes to impart the basic knowledge and practical application ability in those areas of dynamics essential to equipment design, cartography and processing technology. We lecture subjects required for manufacturing products, control theory and computer control for machine and equipment control, and information-related subjects such as knowledge processing, and the Internet, all of which are es sential for the creation of viable computer models as well as the application of these technologies. In addition, students are given opportunities to conduct actual research through participation in joint projects with business enterprises in such areas as high-performance intelligent equipment, design and manufacturing technology and computer network technology.

Our students master the latest technology and research methods required for careers as researchers or engineers. The module program provides training in mechanical, digital and software technology to produce engineers with strengths in both information and mechanical engineering, and consequently, regardless of the surrounding economic conditions, graduates are sought after by businesses in a broad range of fields, including not only the manufacturing industry but also semiconductor and information system related businesses.