Motor Vehicles

The Motor Vehicle Department prepares students for a wide range of careers in a fast growing, rapidly changing automotive industry through BSc, MSc, and PhD educational levels. The demand for skilled, educated, and honest professionals continues to intensify as the complexity of the modern automobiles increases. Students will be provided with the tools and techniques necessary to achieve their potential. They will be shown how to produce an idea for product development or how to make decisions related to possible ways for product improvement.

Students will learn to use sophisticated methods to design and develop new or improved vehicles and/or components. To achieve this, students will be encouraged to develop the skills and attitudes needed to work effectively in a multidisciplinary design team. As an automotive industry deals with the com plex products, processes and constraints, engineer’s approach to motor vehicle development cannot be based on the simple strategy of specifying “good quality” components. Designing and assembling of motor vehicles with confidence involves quantifying the function and performance of systems and subsystems.

Working in the modern automotive industry cannot afford to ignore system approach in the process of vehicle and/or its components development. Accordingly, the motor vehicle courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills that links the bottom level component design to the top level objectives, such as customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness.