Hydropower Engineering

Hydropower plants, machines and equipment, have various applications in many industrial areas such as: electro power industry, turbo machines production industry, hydro power plants, water supply factories, oil industry, chemical industry, turbo machines management and many others where applied fluid mechanics is important.

This points out that the necessities for hydropower engineers are evident and that is why there is a strong interest of students to study the specialization in Hydropower Engineering. In addition to the thorough learning of the matter, students acquire knowledge from other mechanical engineering disciplines, so that they can involve in other domains of mechanical engineering, if necessary.

The study specialization in hydropower engineering is the only one in the country with contemporary teaching programmes at all three levels of studies - BSc, MSc, PhD. Research potential is based on modern laboratories and equipment. Students are very actively involved in all research projects with industry, other faculties and institutes, wherefrom a significant number of results is published in literature and applied in industry.

The Department prepares students to become practicing proffessional engineers who participate fully in activities of design, operation, production, maintenance, safety, marketing, sales and administration. Particular strength of the Department includes complex and warranty measurements in pumps, compressors, fans and water turbines, as an independent national laboratory.

Obligatory courses for MSc:

  • Theory of turbomachinery
  • Pumps
  • Hydraulic turbines
  • Design computations in turbomachinery
  • Fans and turbo-compressors
  • Skill praxis M – ХЕН
  • Hydropower plants and equipment
  • Hydraulic torque converters
  • Hydropower measurements
  • MSc thesis