Design in Mechanical Engineering

In this study module participation of several departments (General machine design, Production engineering, Aerospace engineering, Industrial engineering, Material handling, etc), ensures the needed multidisciplinary approach for this complex fi eld. Engineering design is combined with Industrial design, and enriched by bionics, ergonomics, aesthetics, ecology etc. Machine system, developed to provide function and user needs, is harmonized to human features, environmental and ecological needs. Machine systems are not supposed to disturb natural environment, but rather they should ennoble it.

Students have opportunity to perform numerous design activities such as Conceptual design (generate ideas – brainstorming), Embodiment design (design parameters defi nition, decision making, axiomatic and genetic methods, CAD shape modeling, FE methods application, simulations, etc). Additional activities comprise transformation of biological principals to technical systems (bionics), harmonization to human features (ergonomics) and to environment (ecology).

Aesthetic design is one of the main objectives which students can perform using CATIA software, 3D printing (rapid prototyping), etc. LECAD laboratory for Design in Mechanical Engineering is a member of International consortia for Engineering Design LECAD Group. Marija Paunov Graduate (MSc) student in Design in Mechanical Engineering Elective module, Design in Mechanical Engineering, trains mechanical engineers of general orientation with additional skills of new technical (mechanical) system development (Engineering Design); technical system harmonization with market needs (Industrial Design); harmonization with human being needs and natural environment. Mechanical engineer with listed skills has the main role in every expert team for product development in all branches of engineering.