Welding and Welded Structures

Following the new world trends in the field of welding, necessary for fulfilling the requirements for trained specialists, starting from the academic year 2005/6, the Department for Engineering Materials and Welding, Tribology, Fuels and Combustion along with the Department for General Machine Design, and with the support from “Messer Tehnogas”, a.d. Belgrade, have jointly created the new elective module (profile) of academic studies within the master of science degree, called – Welding and Welded Structures (WWS).

The WWS module is designed to cover four major fields in the science of welding, compiled both in obligatory (compulsory) and selective courses of the M.Sc. academic studies:

  1. Welding processes and equipment, including both conventional and unconventional processes, as well as related processes.
  2. Materials and their behaviour during welding, focused on the weldability of all important structural materials.
  3. Design of welded structures, including strength and strain analysis and the structural integrity of welded joints; their reliability, remaining life assesment and quality assurance and quality control.
  4. Fabrication, application and welded joint engineering, with a special accent on non destructive testing methods and in-service behaviour. Failure analysis and repair welding procedure specifications with practical examples complete this topic dealing with the behaviour of welded joints at conditions of creep, fatigue, friction, wear, and corrosion.