Aims and Scope

The journal FME Transactions publishes original scientific, double-blind peerreview papers (reviewing and contributed papers) from all fields of Mechanical Engineering, which is considered in the journal in its broadest possible sense as a branch of Engineering. Thus, the articles are welcome from Applied Mechanics, Fluids Engineering, Thermodynamics, Heat, and Mass Transfer, Robotics, Material Science, Tribology, Combustion, Mechanical Design, Machine Dynamics, Production, Industrial, Agricultural, Aerospace, Processing, Railway, Biomedical and Control Engineering, Mechanization, Hydro- and Thermopower Systems, Internal Combustion Engines and Vehicle Dynamics, Energy Resources Technology, Military Technology, Naval Architecture, Applied and Industrial Mathematics, etc.

Theoretical, experimental, and computational analyses of various problems of Mechanical Engineering are equally welcome and acceptable for publication.

Reviewing papers will be published by invitation only. One volume consists of four numbers.